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Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers 2018

Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers

Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers

New dry herb portable vaporizers appear to hit the market almost day and while this is able to be exciting, it could also be too much to handle having a lot of choices and price points to select from.

I've currently tested/reviewed more than 100+ distinct portable vaporizers since I began back in 2015. My vaporizer reviews are actually graded by a number of different groups but the most crucial for me are actually: Ease of usage, reliability, durability, portability, concealment, and total vapor quality (taste, temp, smoothness). I have listed the top rated portable vapes in every one of the groups below.

Best Overall Portable

Based on: Portability, Vapor Quality, Simplicity of use, Design/Durability

Crafty Vaporizer ($279)

The Crafty is probably the newest addition to the Bickel and Storz product line along with the big brother of its, the Mighty. The Crafty is actually user-friendly with just one button and also the rest is actually managed via the app. It includes 2 temp selections, 1 default, along with one boost temp. The default and boost temp could be transformed to any kind of temp ranging from hundred four to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. You are able to also alter it on the fly via the app. It uses mainly convection heating with only a bit of bit of conduction when pre heating the bowl.

I think about the Crafty to be probably the best dry herb vaporizer for general enjoyment of use. I could also effortlessly conceal the Crafty in the pocket of mine or even in a hoodie and I may almost entirely palm it. I still suggest the Pax three or maybe the Grasshopper for the most portable vaporizers however the Crafty is really darn close. The one thing I do not truly love about it's the battery life though it does make use of micro USB so you are able to charge it basically wherever you've access to a USB slot. Additionally, it has pass thru charging that enables you to make use of the device while it is charging so long as it's aproximatelly 20% or maybe greater battery life around.

Crafty Pros & Cons:

First points first, the Crafty is actually among probably the easiest portable vaporizers to make use of. It is incredibly consistent and you do not have to be concerned about packing/loading techniques. Simply stuff the quantity you like and go. The Crafty is extremely portable however not really as concealable as the brand new Pax three or perhaps the Grasshopper. It relies on a hybrid convection/conduction heating technique which produces incredibly smooth/cool draws that are quite pleasant. You'll have the capability to vape at a big spectrum of temps.

The primary con of the Crafty will be the entire battery life and also the reality that the battery isn't user replaceable. The Crafty does, nonetheless, cost via USB so you are able to charge it in a number of locations. I simply picked up an Anker battery pack for around twenty dolars and it'll completely charge my Crafty on the go 2 or maybe 3 times. I certainly recommend this in case you're likely to pick up the Crafty.

When you do not have the patience to cope with battery packs or perhaps do not need/want complete portability, I will take a look at the Mighty. With the Mighty, you receive double the battery life of the typical portable vaporizer, quicker heating ups, and also on vape temp screen. But lose USB charging as well as the pocketability aspect. I normally get around 6 8 sessions on a complete cost with the Mighty. Whereas I get aproximatelly 2 3 with the Crafty.

Best Vapor Quality

Based on: Taste, Density, Temp

Firefly 2 Vaporizer ($329)

The Firefly two is actually premium "pure convection" portable vaporizer created by Firefly Vapor. The Firefly two comes with five specific temp adjustments for dry herbs and 1 for cocentrates. It includes 2 replaceable standard rechargeable batteries, pre heats in just ten seconds and requires below regular cleaning/maitenance.

The powerful heater and fast temperature up times paired with taste that is incredible and density produce a one of a type unique experience that I believe many folks will truly enjoy. The Firefly two is now my personal favorite dry herb as well as oil vaporizer to make use of with concentrates and I think about the Firefly two probably the best portable vaporizer whenever you looking exclusively at vapor sample, generation, as well as temp/smoothness.

The brand new energy tuning function in the app has enhanced consistency and also enables users to completely customize sessions. Clean up is easy, the chamber is a great size for 1 2 individuals, and the battery completely recharges in forty five minutes.

Firefly two Pros and Cons:

The Firefly one was large, heavy as well as had below average battery life though the brand new Firefly two is actually more than hundred grams lighter, simpler to pocket/conceal and I am getting 4 6 bowls today PER BATTERY (FF2 has 2 batteries). The batteries Actually are replaceable though they are going to have to be recharged within the device.

The sole drawback to the Firefly two would be the device does require a little method for best use.

Tips: Adding an additional battery is not a bad idea in case you intend to take some long multi day trips, hikes, concerts, etc…. It is incredibly convenient to simply swap one in as well as out.

Most Portable Vaporizers

Based on: Size, Concealment, Weight, Discreetness

Pax 3 Vaporizer ($249)

The Pax three features a great deal of inner changes while maintaining the same size and just adding three grams to the entire weight. Upgrades include the choice to vape each dry herbs and concentrates with the brand new concentrate insert.

The Pax 2 also utilizes an upgraded 3500mAh battery vs a 3000mAh on the Pax 2. Pre-heat occasions for the Pax three now average between 15 20 seconds whereas the Pax two is actually aproximatelly forty five seconds. In addition, you get haptic feedback and finally, the Pax Vapor APP is actually live. The Pax 3 Vapor APP is going to give you complete command with the temp spectrum (360F 420F) with choices to choose various heating bookmark profiles, change styles themes, secure the unit, dim the LED or perhaps completely secure the unit.

Appearances smart, Pax Labs altered the exterior shell from a brushed aluminum (Pax two) to a polished finish (Pax three). And so much the glossy surface is holding up very well but is going to be a lot more vulnerable to scratches and fingerprints.

I am actually having the concentrate insert though I do not truly notice it replacing anyone's dab rig or perhaps e nail. It does extract the items really nicely and without producing a huge mess though it does not get anywhere near as sexy as conventional methods.

I have been averaging aproximatelly hundred minutes of using on a single cost and it will take roughly hundred minutes to completely charge a dead Pax three.

Bottom Line: The Pax three is about as great as it becomes for a portable vaporizer when it comes to battery life, portability, longevity as well as general ease of use. The brand new Half Pack lid is a fantastic aspect for single individual sessions. You don't have to purchase third party accessories to optimize effectiveness and the concentrate insert offers a really good solution to use resources apart from dry herb.

Update: Pax Vapor is currently providing the Pax three in a "Device Only" package for $199 including all you have to vape dry herbal plants, except the half pack lid which you are able to pick up for $12.99. The Pax three "Complete Kit" comes with the half pack lid, the completely focus insert along with a brand new carrying case for $249. So that they dropped price general by twenty five dolars and also included a brand new carrying case.

The Pax 2 got a price fall from $199 to $149 with the release of the Pax three Kits. The Pax two is now my best suggested portable vaporizer under $150 together with the Boundless CF which you are able to read about below. In the event you do not currently have the Pax two and searching an improvement, I will go directly for the Pax three. The quicker pre heat time, much better battery life, completely focus insert as well as a chance to access the app via Bluetooth help make the hundred dolars price difference well worth it.

In case you currently have a Pax two and you are planning to update to the three, I'd possibly think about just getting the concentrate insert (fifty dolars) as well as the half pack lid (thirteen dolars). The Concentrate Insert Is actually interchangeable with the Pax two. Granted you are missing out on the app as well as the quicker heat up times though they do function very similar and you are able to invest a little less cash. I suggest picking up the Pax two directly from Vapeworld or perhaps PaxVapor.

 Most Compact Vaporizer

Based on: Easiest to palm

Davinci IQ Vaporizer ($274)

The Davinci IQ is actually a portable dry herb vaporizer created by Davinci. It just began shipping Nov one retailing for $274.99 and I suggest picking it up immediately from Davinci.

First things first, I have noticed the Davinci IQ to be probably the best tasting portable dry herb conduction vaporizer that I've tested at this specific point. It tastes much better at higher temps and also holds taste throughout the consultation for longer. The vapor density is actually unreal if that is your thing and it is able to also produce soft delicious hits at the reduced temps. It has a replaceable battery, a 10 year warrantee, ceramic zirconia vapor path/mouthpieces and extremely smart/innovative application.

I am a huge admirer of the dimensions of the Davinci IQ. It is super easy to pocket and may be totally palmed for discretion. Also the brand new Pax three nonetheless sticks out of the top part of the hand of yours a little. Thus, in case you're searching for probably the most "compact" portable vaporizer I will opt for the IQ. With that stated, the IQ utilizes 3 buttons on the edge of the device so that it does give off a little indication that it is a controllable device. The Pax three has no noticeable buttons and in the opinion of mine, still has the name for the sleek/slender choice.

The IQ vape provides a complete temp spectrum ranging from 250F to 430F via the "Precision Mode" and additionally, it includes a feature known as "Smart Paths". The 4 distinct wise paths run from 350F to 430F in each path and 20 degree increments is actually set to run for a 10 minute session. So in case you had been to set it up to the default "Smart Path 1", the IQ would warm up to 350F (in aproximatelly forty five seconds) and work it is way up to 370 at aproximatelly five minutes. It'll then remain at the 370 temp for the rest of the consultation. And so much the default sensible paths one as well as 2 have provided probably the best taste to vapor creation ratio. I've observed that the IQ tastes a lot better at greater temps than just about all other group conduction vaporizers and I get greater clouds with the IQ also. The taste is going to drop off quicker compared to lower temps and like the majority of different conduction vaporizers, the sample drops off after a couple of minutes into the consultation.

For me personally, the sole drawbacks to the Davinci IQ are actually the draw resistance as well as the time it takes to ask a battery power from old within the device. You're taking a look at aproximatelly 4 hours to totally charge an old battery. So you will have to purchase a few additional and prevent them charged in the down time of yours. An alternative choice that I suggest is actually picking up the Nitecore i2 charging dock (~$11.50) and it will reduce the charge time right down to aproximatelly two 1/2 hours and let you charge 2 batteries at one time. I have been averaging aproximatelly 50 80 mins per fully charged battery based on temps, period measures, and just how many specific sessions.

It is also essential to be aware you do not require the app to run the unit. You are able to still choose sensible paths, improvement function, accuracy function, and dim the LEDs. Unfortunately, you will not be in a position to modify the clever paths without the app. I have honestly discovered it to be probably the best vaporizer app that I have tested. Each of the clever paths is completely customizable down to the temp as well as session length. It is not difficult to take screenshots as well as share paths with close friends. The app is quite fluid without any hang ups or maybe issues connecting to the unit.

3 words to explain the Davinci IQ… Innovative, Compact, Consistent.

 Best Dry Herb Vape Pen

Based on: A dog pen sized vaporizer for dry herbal plants.

Grasshopper Vaporizer ($225)

The Grasshopper is among probably the lightest and smallest portable vaporizers still offered on the marketplace. It is a pen vaporizer that provides natural convection heating strong adequate to have you vaping your dry herb in under ten seconds. The Grasshopper vaporizer directly imitates the appearance of a real pen and it is very similar in size to greater fancy pens or maybe something such as a graphic style stylus.

The Grasshopper vape is excellent to use on the go as well as strong adequate to utilize with your greatest glass bubblers as well as bongs. It is not the best for team sessions due to the outside temps but ideal for 1 2 folks.

Update: Hopper Labs only released the brand new Grasshopper Performance Front End or maybe "PFE" which provides easier compatibility with your cup bubblers as well as decreases total draw resistance by a considerable amount. The Grasshopper PFE harmonizes with your 14mm glass parts and they provide a 14 18mm adapter. Click the dealer link below for updated Grasshopper vaporizer rates.

You are able to pick between a traditional stainless steel, a titanium edition, along with a colored titanium model. The primary differences between the TI and SS versions are actually that the TI is actually aproximatelly ten grams lighter, it is much less susceptible to scratches, as well as the device remains a small cooler overall. All devices are available with a lifetime warrantee. Read the complete review below.

Grasshopper Pros and Cons:

The Grasshopper is now ranked as my best dry herb vape dog pen. It provides replaceable batteries, fast heat up time, clean convection, tremendous vapor quality and is effective with different load sizes.

Drawback to the Grasshopper would be that the product gets really warm with too much use. So they incorporated a silicone end guard to make use of with longer sessions. The mouthpiece guard also produces a great match for 14mm cup parts.

 Best Battery Life

Based on: Best AVG battery life per full cost.

Mighty Vaporizer ($349)

The Mighty will be the larger brother of the reduced Crafty portable dry herb vaporizer and although it is absolutely not the best little vaporizer, it has a number of really amazing features. For example, the Mighty presently has probably the best battery life on the market place per full charge. The device may just be charged via DC though the battery will easily survive a complete day of hiking/biking or perhaps to enjoy a backyard concert. I average between 6 8 sessions on a complete charge as well as the device will completely charge in aproximatelly ninety minutes.

Then, the Mighty will come with an on vape, simple to read, LED screen and very easy to make use of temp buttons located on each side. The total temp spectrum ranges from 105F 410F.

Although the Mighty is actually a little huge for the spaces, the additional size plus weight make it incredibly simple to successfully pass around and use in team scenarios. This's ideal because the Mighty truly is probably the best vaporizer for extended sessions. It is most effective when you've some time to sit down and appreciate a 10 15 second session.

The Mighty might be quickly be viewed as probably the best vaporizer for dry herb. Particularly in case you do not care about the size.

Mighty Pros and Cons:

Overall the Mighty is among the simplest vaporizers to work with. It is produces, durable, and reliable excellent vapor production. The sole drawbacks to the device are actually the general size plus weight as well as the battery charging options. It may be pocketed if necessary though it's quite bulky in the jeans. The Mighty will fit a lot better in a purse, hoodie, and backpack.

Finally, the battery can just be recharged via an AC wall outlet. Have a look at the Crafty in case you would like something a bit more portable with increased charging options. Or perhaps check out the Pax three as an answer for probably the best battery life.

 Best 3-in-1/All-in-one Vaporizer

Based on: Vape all supplies (Dry Herb, E Liquid, Wax/Concentrates)

Haze V3 "Dual Bowl" Vaporizer ($249)

The Haze V3 vaporizer is actually among the very first vapes to make use of a two bowl system. They're also among the couple of that can in fact vape dry herb, wax and oils. I get excellent vapor taste, density and also the temp is actually controlled via the patented temperature exchange program. The cleaning is often a little troublesome with the concentrates though I believe it is that way with whatever.

The Haze has 4 various temp selections but I mostly stick to the first 3 temps when working with the Haze V3 like a portable dry herb vaporizer. I will bump it up to temp 4 when I am using essentially as a dab dog pen. In case you're in the industry for probably the best most in one vape, search no further, the Haze V3 is exactly what you would like.

Cons and haze V3 Pros:

The capacity to vape all supplies is rather a pro in the book of mine since it would seem the wax/concentrates market is actually starting to be quite huge. People as choices and also the Haze V3 certainly gives you choices. The very first "Dual Bowl" process enables you to combine as well as match any of those supplies. The Haze comes with a great deal of accessories. You will get 2 convection screens, 2 conduction screens, 2 e liquid pads as well as 2 all purpose cans. I make use of the all purpose cans for all the things and it appears to develop probably the best outcomes for me. A great deal of innovation and investigation went into the Haze vaporizer and they also continue making improvements based mostly on customer/community feedback. It is pretty easy to operate with only a selector switch on top and then LED indicators let you understand what temp degree you're on. Last but not least, the Haze has a 10 year warranty.

The downsides being you cannot take draws from the device once you switch it off. The selector switch shuts the vapor route when you turn the device off. Quick repair for this, you are able to only leave the device on, and take out the battery power. This can enable you to nonetheless get the staying vapor out even though the product is cooling and hot still down.

Best Portable Vaporizers Under $200 

If you are searching for a great portable vaporizer but do not wish to shell out $200+, I've a couple of suggestions for you below.

Option 1: The very first best portable dry herb vaporizer under $200 is actually the Arizer Air ($164). The Air is actually an affordable, quality that is high, not as portable, portable vaporizer. The main reason I say it is not as portable is actually because the device uses a cup stem as a mouthpiece and you've to carry that around along with you on the go. That is truly the only complaint of mine.

The Air has very good vapor quality and there are actually all sorts of options/accessories for using with cup while at home. The Air vape comes with five different temps options ranging from 356F 410F (180C 210C) as well as an 18650 interchangeable, chargeable lithium ion battery pack.

Some other as opposed to the glass stem itself, the Arizer Air is reliable and durable extremely. Pick one up right here from an authorized dealer for $164 (Retail: $229).

Option 2: Next vape in probably the best vape under $200 class will be the Boundless CFX ($169). The CFX has a complete temp spectrum (100F 430F) via an on vape LED screen and very easy to make use of temp shift buttons. Probably The best feature on the CFX is actually the heat up/pre heat time. I am in a position to hit 400F in 20 25 seconds and that is incredibly fast for a portable conduction vaporizer. The one other conduction vaporizer that heats up that quickly presently is the G Pen Elite. Finally, the CFX has great battery life that uses 2 (two) 2500mAh recgargeable power packs.

CFX VS Mighty: The CFX is essentially a Mighty clone with quicker heat up and a prettier LED screen. The Mighty is certainly the better product delivering far better vapor quality, a lot less draw resistance along with a proven history of reliability/durability. BUT, the Mighty is additionally $349. Do I believe that the Mighty is actually $180 much better compared to CFX? Yes. I feel as if the Mighty does all exceptionally, whereas the CFX leaves a thing to be desired in rather a couple of of my grading groups. The two devices have the capability to do concentrates.

I think like Boundless is right here to remain. They've been really busy within the community and appears as they're working incredibly difficult to push out quality vaporizers.

Best Dry Herb Portable Under $150 

If you are searching for a great quality portable vaporizer for an inexpensive price.

Option 1: The first choice in probably the best dry herb vaporizer under $150 class will be the Boundless CF ($129). The CF vaporizer is actually the smaller variation of the CFX with the exact same quick heat up time but just five preset temps as well as no display. The CF is really simple to use, is effective with varying varying grind and load sizes types.

It looks and feels kind of like the Crafty vaporizer. It is not difficult to pocket, extremely mild and nearly small enough to totally palm. It uses a non replaceable battery and may be recharged via USB. Lastly, the CF vape includes a two year manufacturer warranty.

Option 2: Next choice is the Flowermate. This's a great one in case you are searching for a vaporizer around the hundred dolars price point. It will not deliver probably the highest degree of vapor quality, probably the best battery life or even actually the best in something though they're dependable and get the task done.

So the recommendation of mine in the Flowermate vaporizer sequence is actually the Flowermate V5s ($109.99 Code: FM5S). This's the base model of the sequence and actually all that you will have if you are on a budget. If this's your first vaporizer or maybe you simply do not wish to spend a lot more than hundred dolars I highly recommend that model.

You will find a number of different flowermate devices, but the V5s is truly the just one I recomend.

Best Butane Vaporizer

Based on:Highest quality butane vaporizers.

The Sticky Brick vaporizers are precisely what the title implies. They're wood bricks which connect together via magnets (sticky) and make use of a butane torch to create on demand convection heating. The Sticky Brick butane vaporizers are actually several of the most effective vaporizers already on the marketplace and they're hand made in the USA from healthy hardwood.

Sticky Brick Original

Original Sticky Brick Butane VaporizerThe very first butane vaporizer created by Sticky Brick is actually the Original or maybe OG. I think about the Sticky Brick OG a home use portable vaporizer since it is absolutely not going to fit in the pocket of yours. It really works great around the home and can be easily carried space to room.

I likewise find the Sticky Brick OG probably the easiest to use of all of the Sticky Brick vaporizers since you get quick clear feedback as vapor styles in the glass end. The vapor quality is actually great and it works really nicely with different load sizes.

The wood finish is incredibly soft, unique and most of the parts fit together beautifully. Sticky Brick Vaporizers also has a lifetime guarantee on the wood frame and fifteen days or weeks on the cup parts.

The Sticky Brick Original retails for $179 and I suggest choosing it up from here.

Sticky Brick Junior

The following Sticky Brick I'd suggest will be the Junior. The Sticky Brick Junior ("JR") is extremely much like the OG but smaller, more small, along with a bit harder to perfect since it relies on a smaller mouthpiece. I manage to perfect the method after a few tries and I have never combusted with any of the Sticky Brick vaporizers though it is still not going to be as simple as something such as the Mighty.

The great thing about the Junior would be that the glass pieces could be turned as well as covered for uncomplicated concealment. Not merely does this make it a great portable choice but it conceals the items in the package while it is sitting out. Set it next to a few publications on a book shelf and absolutely no one would think hard.

The other thing I love about the Sticky Brick JR is the fact that I feel as if I could get bigger clouds as well as richer hits. The OG creates smoother/cooler hits however the Junior packs a punch. I am a bit of a heavier pc user for dry herb so I love the reality that it is able to get me to that subsequent fitness level.

There aren't any loading strategies with either of those vaporizers though they actually do call for stirring after each and every couple draws. I likewise recommend an average grind and then you'll want to purchase an excellent butane torch. I am making use of a brand known as "Eagle" which will come with the purchase of yours in case you purchase it from the website link below.

The Sticky Brick Junior retails for $149 and I suggest choosing it up from here.

Sticky Brick HydroBrick/MAXX

Sticky Brick also makes 2 other butane vaporizers known as the HydroBrick and also the HydroBrick MAXX. I'll be picking up the Sticky Brick MAXX here shortly and put in much more information on it while I do. Basically the Hydrobrick MAXX is actually the total bundle for an individual that probably has cup at home or perhaps will design to use cup with your vaporizer. You get the 18mm connector, cup mouthpiece, connector and whip for $199.

The HydroBrick MAXX additionally conceals into a solid wood box the same as the Junior but much bigger general. So you are able to still keep it in plain sight though I do not believe you will be getting it into the pocket of yours. The two of these vaporizers are more home use portables the same as the OG.

You are able to pick up the Hydrobrick MAXX here ($199) and also you are able to check out my Sticky Brick Review (OG, Hydrobrick, JR, MAXX) for even more photos and details about every one of these vaporizers.

The final butane vaporizer that I'd suggest is produced by Dynavap and it is known as the VapCap. I have already stated it a couple of times in this post but in case you needed the absolute best cheapest butane vaporizer, I suggest the VapCap at thirty five dolars. It certainly looks a lot shadier since it is simply a cup tub along with a torch though it does the job effectively.

Best Cheap Vaporizer

Based on: Highest quality vaporizer for probably the least amount of cash.

The X Max V2 Pro is very remarkable for the size and cost. You are able to pick up the X Max V2 Pro for fifty nine dolars (retail: seventy nine dolars) with code "XM". You receive five temp options ranging from 356F 428F, an effortlessly replaceable 18650 battery, along with a ceramic heating chamber. In case you wan't to invest ten dolars extra, you are able to buy an upgraded mouthpiece with enhanced airflow, as well as calls for less cleaning, or maybe a water pipe adapter.

I suggest the V2 Pro Series 3($sixty nine) for probably the best cheap all-in-one vape pen and also the butane powered VapCap($thirty five) for the very best cheap vape.

Groups Explained:

Best Overall Portable - This's the group highlighting probably the best portable in terminology of ease of use, consistency, vapor quality, dependability and cleaning/maintenance. This's probably the best of probably the best when it is about portables and would be the camera I suggest most whether you're experienced vaporist or a start. Essentially, this's my everyday driver. #oneandonly

Best Vapor Quality - The term "vapor quality" will get tossed around rather a little and it has never actually defined. So for me, probably the best vapor quality means probably the best taste, probably the best temperature, and probably the best density or perhaps production. Probably The highest rated vaporizer in this class is going to produce several of probably the best tasting vapor that you are able to go through within a portable. It'll far more than satisfy the everyday user and exit the novice wondering the reason he did not shift to this particular vape earlier.

Nearly all Portable/Discreet - This category is actually for individuals who needs complete discretion as well as portability without sacrificing the primary functions as battery life or maybe vapor quality. Probably the most portable vaporizer is perhaps the smallest vaporizer, certainly easily pocketable as well as ready to make use of immediately. The vape in this class can generally be taken on all day activities like hiking, boating, concerts, festivals, snowboarding/skiing, etc…

Best Dry Herb Vape Pen - Originally it was a fairly little market with actually only one choice but right now I've 2 options! yay! The vaporizers in that class will mimic the appearance, feel, and look of a pen. They are going to be quickly concealable and ideally heat up really quickly to be able to get optimum discreetness. They'll also completely vaporize your herbs with no combustion.

Best 3-in-1/All-in-One - This class of vaporizers will have the ability to vape all supplies (wax, e liquids, dry herb) effectively and successfully. All while staying portable and not too awfully difficult to use on the go.

Best Battery Life - Probably The best battery life category is going to have the portable vaporizer with probably the best typical battery life per total cost.

Best Cheap Vaporizer - If you're attempting to purchase a portable vaporizer on a budget, check out the recommendation of mine for best lowest vaporizer. While I say cheap, I do not mean actually made cheap, I entail best priced vaped without sacrificing reliability or perhaps quality.

Best Portable Vaporizers Under $200 - This class of vaporizers will be probably the best choices for under $200.

In case you still cannot quite find out what portable vaporizer is actually ideal for you, Please Comment Blow!